Mohan Bhagwat addressing the gathering

HYDERABAD: Stating that the proposed Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill was against the majority community, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday questioned the constitutional sanctity of National Advisory Council, which had drafted the bill.

Mohan Bhagwat addressing the gathering

Speaking at a meeting organised by the Martyrs’ Memorial Research Institute (MMRI) on Sunday, the RSS chief was highly critical of the NAC and its team members. He pointed out that even the Supreme Court had raised questions on the ‘credentials’ of a few NAC members.

“This bill intends to create differences among the people. How can a committee with controversial people draft this bill? How can the government justify its display on an official website without a debate on it? Is the country being run by the NAC or the Prime Minister?” he asked.

Bhagwat asked youth to be on the guard against cultural invasion that is being triggered from foreign shores to stop India from emerging as a super power. “Their aim is to divide its people and create a rift among communities. Today, cultural invasion is more dangerous and effective than a direct invasion,” he observed.

He cited the example of Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day that are purely west-centric. “Do we need to remember our parents only on these days? India’s rich heritage gives an opportunity to each one of us to respect our mother and father every day for a lifetime,” he said.

Observing that national borders were still porous, Mohan Bhagwat lashed out at the Government of India for neglecting the border with China, despite knowing fully well their intentions. “They (China) are sure about the fact that we are emerging as a strong nation. They know our potential as a knowledge-based society. Realising our importance, they have started laying roads, railway lines and airports even in some of the remotest stretches along the border. Suprisingly, the Government of India has not responded in a fitting way,” the RSS chief said.


4 thoughts on “RSS chief Mohan ji Bhagwat lashes out at NAC

  1. if the character is lost every thing is lost. the upa govt. is running the country at the cost of charactor.

    the corrupt are making merry at the cost of the gove. whether they are in jail or in lok sabha or rajay sabha.

    the three donkeys are better than two horses. this is the equation of the govt. pm is very innocent so looto mother india as much as u can. pm is very innocent

  2. NAC is one more example of how the so callef leftist liberals, some how find positions of power and pelf without much ado.
    Congress party workers should be ashamed that none of them have competence or calibre to advise their great president on issues of national importance.She has hired these people , who appear to be there to ensure the down fall of Congress.Time for real Congressmen to pack off these ladies and gentlemen ASAP.

  3. May we think as, clandestine move of foreign hand?, to engulf Indian Inteligensia or colour them with many hues? is it not partisan- practices by foreign hand? Actually, we do have to think who is true ruler? And what other motives hidden behind this bill? How dare one can treat the majority ? Is it not mockery of majority? a mockery of Govt.? or shall we say mockery of PM? May We know the true motives??

  4. If we observe last 1000 yrs history , Hindu’s never attack on any community . Cristine , Musllims are the only attack on Hindu and forcibly done the conversion . Till Hindu Society is in majority because of SANSCRUTY and PRAMPARA ,UNITY among them . King’s like Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj , Ranapratp and so on fougt with them. But now If government pass the NAC Bill , then every Hindu becomes helpless . If Cristy and Musalman attack on Hindu and he protects himself then NAC will be use for Hindu only and so on . Hens this NAC must be apposed by everybody .

    This is agenda of pop who said India will be totally converted on 21 century .
    JAGO HINDU JAGO RE !!!!!!!!!!

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