Antarctica, Dec 17, 2012: RSS Swayamsevak from Mumbai, Rajesh Asher unfurled the Bhagawadwaj at Antarctica, the Earth’s southernmost continent, containing the geographic South Pole, early morning at 2.02am of December 7, Friday. The Video footage of this historic moment has been given above. The photos taken on this historic occasion is given below. 

RSS Swayamsevak Rajesh Asher unfurls Bhagawadwaj at Antarctica Dec -7-2012
Rajesh Asher unfurls Bhagawadwaj at Antarctica Dec 7-2012

Rajesh Asher, a professional Chartered accountant, a Swayamsevak hails from Chembur in Mumbai. He went to Antarctica along with team, reached the Southern Pole Thursday late Night. At 2.02 am early morning of Friday, Rajesh Asar went to unfurl the Bhagawadwaj, the saffron flag. Later he enchanted the RSS prayer, ‘Namasate Sada Vatsale Mathrubhoome’. Rajesh Asher also chanted few shloka’s and mantra’s  from Vedas at Antarctica.

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