Swamiji recovers from #Covid19 by ways of Ayurvedic medicine

21 Jun 2020: Sri Vinayananda Saraswati Swamiji of the Ramakrishna Vivekananda Ashrama, Shivamogga has recovered from #Covid19 with the practice of Ayurvedic medicine reports Kannada news paper Vijaya Karnataka.

Swamiji was admitted to McGann hospital in the town. Swamiji had urged from the district administrator to Prime Minister Narendra Modi so as to allow Ayurvedic treatment for him to get cured from Covid19. He has now fully recovered in 8 days with the treatment.

It is to be noted that Swamiji is the  first in the world to recover from Corona Covid19 with Ayurvedic medicine practice. ‘The patient is free to choose his way of medicine and cannot be disregarded. There is a good investment made in Ayurvedic studies and I wish the citizens of the country get more benefits from the ongoing Ayurvedic studies in Universities’ said Swamiji.

Medical officer from Ayush Department  Dr. C A Hiremath was treating Swamiji and he opined that this bestows the belief in people practicing Ayurveda medicine.

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